Why are dishwasher tablets more environmentally friendly?

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  • The tablet format is eco-designed, without contested ingredients, packaged in 100% recycled cardboard boxes, without plastic.
  • The tablets are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes that optimise water and energy consumption.
  • They do not contain water which results in better stability than liquid products while being preservative-free.
  • Logistics are optimised thanks to compressed volumes: Up to 20 times fewer trucks for transport, significant gain in transport volume and fewer CO2 emissions for a reduced carbon impact.


  • It's practical with the right dose of compacted powder, no waste, and no overconsumption.
  • This compact format saves storage space in the store.
  • Compact size, easy to carry and store.


  • Compressed powder provides comparable efficacy to liquid detergents but with greater stability than liquid.
  • The ingredients are distributed in their specific layer. These ingredients separate and disintegrate at the right moment of the wash cycle, and not during the pre-wash like liquid capsules.


  • The tablet poses less of a risk than liquid capsule products for young children because it does not look like candy.
  • It does not drip and is not corrosive.
  • It is suitable for online sales and bulk sales: Reduced weight and volume, perfect for home delivery.
  • It is suitable for urban housing: Space saving, less waste.

 Dishwasher tablets are packed with advantages through a futureproof format



At Eurotab, you are spoiled for choice.

A conventional formula is a traditional or classic formula, recognized for its proven effectiveness.
Although the tablet format is already much more "ecological" especially due to its solid format, it is possible to opt for a formula that is even more respectful with humans, animals and the environment as well as with better management of resources.

For this reason, there are many different labels:

Each labelled product has specific characteristics with the goal to limit energy consumption and preserve natural resources throughout its life cycle. The mixtures are also of limited danger to both human health and the environment.



We develop products that comply with the certifications desired by our customers: Ecologo, USDA, Natural Detergent Ecocert, Ecolabel, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, Astma-Allergi, etc.

Even if there are some common points, there are also specific differences. To help you see things more clearly, Eurotab gives you the details of these certifications:



BioPreferred Program ®






APPLICABLE COUNTRIES Canada USA Worldwide Europe Germany North Europe North Europe
CERTIFICATION Independent certified organisation State program with label managed by USDA and outsourced to the Wood Group Independent certified organisation Official European 
environmental certification
German environmental certification Official label of Nordic countries Non-profit organisation
ENGAGEMENT Aims to respect the environment throughout all of the life cycle Guaranties a minimum composition of biosourced ingredients Aims to respect the environment throughout all of the life cycle Excludes specific substances to minimise risks of skin allergies
APPLICATION Products and services & packaging Non-editable products Non-editable and editable products Non-editable products
PETROCHEMICAL DERIVATIVES AND SYNTHETIC PRODUCTS Allowed Forbidden except for preservatives, vegetal surfactants, containing synthetic agents but only in the eco detergents. Allowed under certain conditions, especially synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives None
PRIMARY MATERIALS FROM NATURAL SOURCES No obligation Dishwasher: at least 58% natural sources Obligatory No obligation
EXCLUDED OR RESTRICTED SUBSTANCES  LD50> 5000 mg/kg (oral) (1)                                        LD50> 4000 mg/kg (skin) No obligation Phosphates and phosphoric derivatives Substances that present danger for humans or the environment, phosphorous Substances that present danger for humans or the environment Compliant with the KEMILEX list (excluding fragrances and dyes)
BIODEGRADABILITY Yes: Rapidly and aerobically biodegradable (2) No obligation Limits on the concentration of non-biodegradable substances No obligation
PALM OIL No obligation Coming from 
a sustainable sector (RSPO) or from book & claim type (3)
Coming from 
a sustainable sector (RSPO)
Coming from 
a sustainable sector (RSPO) or from book & claim type 
No obligation
EFFICIENCY TEST Yes Yes to confirm the % of biosourced ingredients Yes for Ecolabel testing or user testing for all new products Binding efficiency test done by a competent organisation No obligation
PACKAGING No recyclable PVC plastic and containing at least 25% recycled material, except plastic: At least 90% recyclable No requirement, except if the packing is included in the claim Prohibited: PVC, polystyrene, multilayer, individual dose, overpack, packaging from dead animals Plastic packaging should be designed to ensure efficient recycling by avoiding potential contaminants
and incompatible materials known to prevent separation or reprocessing or adversely affect the quality of the
recycling product, the weight of the packaging must not be disproportionate to the content
- No obligation
LABELLING MENTIONS No obligation Logo with %  of biosourced ingredients Obligation to list all the ingredients, obligation to mention the % of natural sources The product must be accompanied by instructions for use aimed at ensuring maximum performance of the product,
minimise the production of waste and limit water pollution and the use of resources
Controlled by an expert group
PRODUCT CLASSIFICATION Non-toxic to humans or the environment No obligation No toxic or very toxic classification for the environment Not classified as very toxic, toxic for certain targets organs, sensitive to respiratory or skin problems, carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproductive glands or dangerous
for aquatic environments as defined in Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008
OTHERS No extreme pH - No animal testing, manufacturing process requirements - Requirements very similar to Ecolabel - -

(1)     The LD50 (also called 50% lethal dose) by oral ingestion is defined as the single dose of a test substance, obtained by statistical calculation, capable of causing the death of 50% of the animals when it is administered by oral ingestion.
(2)    Biodegradable with presence of oxygen.
(3)    Book & claim type certificates = purchase of sustainability certificates. When the material does not come from a sustainable sector, the company can buy rights according to the quantities that make it possible to finance a sustainable sector.



The animal cause is also taken into account when developing your products. Eurotab offers you products that comply with the requirements of the “Certified Vegan”, “Cruelty Free” and “Leaping Bunny” labels.

They concern both food and non-food products.

Certified Vegan is a registered trademark that guarantees that the product in question does not contain animal products or by-products and has not been tested on animals.

Cruelty Free and Leaping Bunny are labels certifying that no testing was carried out on animals throughout the manufacturing process.


At Eurotab, our teams work daily to offer products that are ever more respectful of the environment.

eurotab, the tablet expert

Did you know ? 

Our cardboard boxes are made from 100% recycled fibres and are 100% recyclable.



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