Toilet cleaner and descaler tablet, fresh scent

cleaner, descaler and extra foaming tablet FOR FRESH & CLEAN TOILET

Get stains, lime-scale and bad odors out of the toilet bowl! Simply and easily!

Real 3in1, this tablet is specially designed to clean your toilet and remove limescale and hard dirt. It leaves a pleasant scent after cleaning. For clean and fresh toilets!

toilet cleaner in tablet

Cleaning action 

Super cleaning power thanks to the surfactants, The extra foaming action of the effervescent agent strenghthen the cleaning power of the tablet, for a faster dissolution.

Descaling action 

Its powerful descaling agent, deeply removes  limescale under the water and in the U bend. No more brown rings, dirt and bacteria!

Desodorizer fresh mint

Leaving a sparkling toilet and a fresh scent.

How often do I have to clean my toilet?

We recommend to clean your toilet once a week. In regular use, there is no risk for septic tanks.

What are the dosing recommandations? 

Regular maintenance: 1 tab per week.
Important deposits: 2 to 3 tabs, Leave for the night.

Product characteristics

Octagonal shape, 25g/0.88oz
Bilayer white/blue
Mint scent


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