Regulations covering detergents and disinfectants are very strict and constantly changing.

In this complex situation, EUROTAB’s Technical and Regulatory Department works in partnership with AFISE* and has expertise in the following areas:

  • Product regulations: labelling, composition, standards, packaging etc.
  • Advice and assistance about regulatory matters.
  • Monitoring regulations in order to anticipate changes.
  • Recommending performance tests for product claims.
  • Support with putting together and following up regulatory applications.
  • Support with managing the administrative formalities required to register products.

EUROTAB ensures that its products comply with REACH, CLP, detergent and biocide
regulations, among other regulations.

EUROTAB supports its clients and enables them to comply with regulatory requirements and anticipate changes.

*AFISE: French Association of Detergent, Cleaning and Industrial Hygiene Product Industries.