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Régis Desroches Président Eurotab Tabletting
Régis Desroches, CEO of Eurotab Tabletting


Tablet is the future of household cleaners’ market thanks to its numerous ecological assets. Eurotab has been growing its tablet expertise since 1957 by investing its human and financial resources exclusively on this technology, a unique market positioning.

Our mission consists in developing tablet technologies and manufacturing under our clients’ brand names, private labels and national brands, across the five continents. Our head office, based in France in the Loire department, is home to a magnificent and powerful R&D center (7% of turnover). The 274 Eurotab’s employees are spread over four production sites in France, Turkey and Spain.

The already strong growth in our household cleaners’ categories (laundry, dishwasher, anti-limescale, etc.), disinfection (bleach, peracetic acid) and moisture absorbers is accelerating. This acceleration is driven by societal demands to which we dedicate ourselves daily to always better answer: compact product, less volume to carry, no-plastic packaging, no liquid effluent on our sites, no preservatives. To meet with the demand of our customers’ brands, we develop technologies of floor and surface cleaners and toilet products in single-dose tablets.

Eurotab looks ahead and puts the CSR Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of its strategy ; you will find our actions in the CSR report. Our shareholder structure, renewed in 2019, combines an investment fund and Eurotab’s managers. It provides the company all means to reach its future ambitions.


Eurotab imagine the tablet of the future! Watch the TV report directed by France 3 Television :
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EUROTAB’s unique positioning on the market is based on the synergy of its complementary teams who cover the entire product lifecycle from design to sales. We offer clients innovative tablets and can also transfer our technology to enable our clients to create added value in their own markets.

EUROTAB TABLETTING has generated a turnover of €50 million in 2018, Our growth outlook for 2019 is over €60 million or a growth of +20%. Every year, the company invests 7% of its turnover in product, process and equipment innovation. Eurotab generates 70% of its business and sales abroad, working from 4 sites located in France, Spain, Turkey and the US.


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