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dishwashers run twice

An interview by Albin Thomas, La Tribune Le Progrès.

“During this confinement period, dishwashers run twice as much and bleach is widely used to disinfect. This explains high demand for dishwasher and bleach tablets from individuals and communities”

Régis Desroches CEO Eurotab Tabletting

80% demand increases

Eurotab sees its demand increase by 80%. This situation suddenly accelerates its growth, forcing the company to reorganize while ensuring the safety and health of its 170 employees spread over two sites in France.

New teams on weekends

Working time have been revised to 7 hours 20 minutes from 8 hours a day to prevent employees from crossing paths when changing shifts. Audits have also been implemented, at the request of staff representatives, to ensure general compliance with distancing measures.


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