Eurotab receives the 2019 Pierre Potier prize for sustainable chemistry

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Eurotab proves once again its commitment to the environment with its latest innovation, the GREENTAB dishwasher tablet: this new all-in-one, concentrated and eco-friendly tablet has taken several years of R&D development and is a successful example of sustainable chemistry.

How is GREENTAB more respectful for the environment ?

















On one hand, its formulation has been carefully developed : this small ultra-compact tablet of 12g contains 94% of ingredients of natural origin and is more than 90% biodegradable.

On the other hand, it has been optimized at each stages of its life using the Life Cycle Assessment Tool (ACV). As an example, this process resulted in a 25% reduction of packaging, reduction in the number of trucks on the roads and inventory and reduction for significant logistical and environmental gains.

Discover GREENTAB our sustainable chemistry innovation :


What is the Pierre Potier award ? 

The award has been launched with the Ministry of National Education, the « Maison de la Chimie » Foundation and the « Société Chimique de France » and  « L’Actualité Chimique ». Its purpose is to reward innovative and eco-friendly products whose applications are at the heart of consumers’ life.



Compact and concentrated tablet allows minimizing use of packaging thus reducing waste, decreasing storage and transport. It is also the right dosage for the right application, no overuse and less waste for a cleaner house and planet.


Did you know ? 

In 2006, Eurotab launched the first eco-label dishwasher tablet for the general public.

In 2019 our range of green dishwasher tablets meets the most demanding environmental criterias :

Ecolabel, Ecocert, Ecologo, Nordic Swan, Astma Allergy, Cruelty Free, Vegan etc.

Our production processes are ISO 14001 certified.

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