Eurotab’s advertisement in Manufacturing Today Magazine about our cleaning products in tablets

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Don’t miss Eurotab‘s advertisement in Manufacturing Today Magazine

eurotab cleaning tabs Manufacturing Today Ad


The magazine reaches a wide audience throughout the industry in Europe, with over 40,000 readers.

Eurotab is a leading, French, innovation company dedicated to home care tablets for 60 years.

Eurotab is specialising in the design and production of detergent tablets at your brand, including dishwasher tablets, laundry detergent tablets, water softeners, and bleach tablets.

With four production sites based in France, Turkey and Spain, our annual production capacity exceeds 2.5 billion tablets.

Eurotab offers manufacturers and retail customers a wide range of products in tablet format in their own respective brands. Eurotab partners with clients in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Korea and South Africa, in the development of conventional brands as well as green brands.

Eurotab’s tablets are innovative, powerful, convenient, and eco-designed, for a more sustainable way of life. This means using no water during the production process, less plastic for packaging, and producing less CO2 emissions, with 20-times less transport required than that of liquid detergents.

Go directly to page 54 to discover our advertisement and our partnership with Star Brands, a leading UK manufacturer of cleaning products.

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