Dishwasher tablets’ eco-design

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A long-time player in sustainable development, Eurotab is committed to an eco-design approach for hygiene and home care tablets.

Régis Desroches, Eurotab’s President, spoke at the 4th Circular Economy 2020 event  to talk about our commitment to eco-design.

🌿 Why did we make this choice?

🌿How are we capitalizing on the tablet format to accelerate our transformation?

“We believe tablet format is necessary as by stopping transporting water and unnecessary volume, we will reduce our environmental footprint.” Régis DESROCHES, EUROTAB’s President.

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produced by our partners ADEME and the POLE ECO-CONCEPTION


Interview of Régis DESROCHES

🌿 You were more than 800 participants to attend the live Eco-design workshop during the Circular Economy event!

Thanks everyone!

For Régis DESROCHES, our President, “eco-design is a tremendous innovation accelerator! “

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L'éco-conception des tablettes


Since 2016, Eurotab has equipped itself with a Life Cycle Analysis tool developed by independent experts in this field : EVEA.

This tool has been very valuable in implementing our tablet eco-design approach. It measures the environmental impact of our products from raw material to packaging.

For each new eco-designed tablet, we precisely measure four impact criteria that we believe are priorities. By changing raw materials and components, we can see how to reduce these four impacts, which allows us to identify areas for improvement and prioritize our eco-design actions.

Thanks to the LCA tool, the choice made with the suppliers and the powder compression techniques improvement, we have dramatically reduced the dishwasher all-in-1 tablets’ weight to 12g.

We as well made significant gains in terms of packaging
Our cardboard boxes are much more compact with a better tablet filling rate. Our boxes require 25% less cardboard for an increased capacity of 75% more boxes per truck.

The goal is to be as compact as possible to reduce our environmental footprint!

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our eco-designed tablets