Rotary Tablet Press Machine – Tailor-Made


EUROTAB, the leading international supplier of high speed and high performance tablet press machines, develops and manufactures very high-speed rotary presses for tablet manufacturing and pre and post-processing equipment for most applications: agro-food industry, minerals, detergents, large size chlorine, salt, metallic powders, catalysers,…

Working with our design office, we offer you our expertise in the key areas of tablet manufacturing in order to deliver an innovative global solution:

  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment
  • Powder flow
  • Mechanical resistance and compression cycle
  • Compliance with tablet weight, size and shape and firmness specifications
  • Ease of use
  • Maintenance and production cost control

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Our design office develops equipment tailored to your needs based on the features defined by our TEC Tabletting Expertise Center TEC.

  • Product features
  • Regulatory and environmental requirements
  • Production rate and cost optimization targets
Eurotab, Leading International Supplier of high speed and performance tablet Press Machines
Rotary tablet Press Machines

The equipment that we manufacture (rotary tablet presses) draws on our powder compression expertise and combines high speeds, robustness and high productivity levels.

  • Up to 200,000 tablets an hour.
  • 10 – 60 tonnes of compression.
  • Applications: detergents, salt, minerals, food and new applications.
Market place
Market place

EUROTAB Market Position

High performance equipment

  • Highest compression force available
  • High output to optimize production costs
  • Highest Equipment Overall Efficiency (OEE above 95%)

Heavy duty type of equipment

  • Robustness
  • High lifetime
  • Low maintenance
  • Retrofit possibility to extend life duration

Custom designed equipment

  • Final product oriented approach
  • Co-development with customers to provide optimal solutions
  • New applications development capacities