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Coronavirus. Loire: EUROTAB, the bleach tablet’s inventor, sees its sales drastically increaseD

Since the containment measures and the health crisis, orders have increased by 80%

By Max Adelise France 3 Rhône-Alpes Auvergne _ published 14/04/2020

Our priority remains employees’ safety during this difficult period, vulnerable employees and those looking after children stay at home. We were able to reorganize production to ensure all orders. ”- Régis Desroches, CEO of Eurotab.”
Régis DESROCHES, CEO Eurotab.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Eurotab, the Loire-based company specialized in disinfectant tablets and located in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert, has seen its orders increase by 80%. All stocks are sold out and orders come from all over the world, Australia, Russia, Europe. Régis Desroches, the CEO of Eurotab Tabletting had to set up a new 3×8 organization. Today, the factory has reached its maximum production capacity.

A total mobilization of employees in the Loire but also worldwide

From his first speech on March 16, Emmanuel Macron called on essential companies to continue their activities to help the country fight the Covid -19. Production and Management teams have mobilized to continue manufacturing disinfectant tablets. A way for everyone to participate to the battle, but also not to jeopardize the manufacturing tool. The mobilization concerns factories in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert, as well as those located abroad: Eurotab Avrasia in Turkey, Spaintab in Spain and Eurotab US in the United States.

Before, we came to work with a knot in the stomach thinking of the virus around us, but now it is the opposite we are proud to manufacture a product essential to hospitals and all health care facilities” – Laetitia Mendyczewski, Production line supervisor..
Laetitia Mendyczewski, Production line supervisor.

\!/ Diluted bleach kills the virus but beware of overdosage

If the effectiveness of bleach is no longer to be demonstrated today, the product can be very dangerous even when diluted. Too often consumers do not respect the conditions of use and overdosages are frequent.
“One tablet per liter of water is enough to remove all traces of the virus, it is an essential product in the fight against Covid-19 on surfaces. Waste should therefore be avoided. Overdosage is useless ”- Régis Desroches, CEO Eurotab.


The tablet expert and a double-digit growth 

Invented thirty years ago by the Loire based company … tablets are becoming more and more trendy … Compared to liquid disinfectants which require more restrictive means of transport and packaging, tablets have been a real asset since plastic is no longer fantastic… compacted materials have a growth of 20%.

Dishwashers in forced march

“We eat at home so dishwashers have been running twice as much for a month.”
Because of confinement, meals are taken at home and no longer in school cafetarias, restaurants or at the workplace self-service. The demand for dishwashers’ tablets is also exploding and numbers are multiplied by two or three. Eurotab has chosen the major private labels (for example Leclerc, Lidl, Casino, etc.). Its tablets are directly sold by retailers in France or abroad.

Bleach Donations

Hospitals and nursing homes of the Loire department receive free bleach boxes in XXL format. The operation is just starting and is gradually being implemented with the Loire authorities. The objective is to ease and facilitate the crisis management for the health care facilities’ administrative staff.

Do you know?

Chlorine bleach tablet is a powerful disinfectant ; it kills 99.9% of all germs (bacteria, viruses and mildew).

To effectively fight covid-19: put 1 bleach tablet in 1L of warm water and disinfect your surfaces. There is no need to overdose.


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